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What to know?

Information about a few of the services I offer!


  • Pain relief, improved locomotor function, improved circulation, relaxation, builds trust. 

Acupressure Point Therapy

  •  Pain relief, anxiety relief, stress relief, digestive problems,  Insomnia

Thermal Imagery

The thermal images may indicate the onset of inflammatory reaction in joints, ligaments and tendons from two to six weeks prior to clinical symptoms.


  • Better circulation, pain reduction, improved muscle relaxation and performance, decreased inflammation and swelling, improved oxygenation in tissue, enhanced cellular repair and recovery, improved immune system, better sleep.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiotaping provides support during movement, improves circulation and lymphatic flow, reduces pain, inflammation and tension, relaxes and assists muscles, releases fascia, and improves joint function.


Thoroughly inspect and evaluate the animal to get a better idea of what needs work!

Saddle Fit

Your horse's comfort and well-being should be a top priority, and a poorly fitting saddle can negatively impact both. The right saddle fit is crucial because it distributes the rider's weight evenly across the horse's back. This helps to prevent pressure points, chafing, and other types of discomfort for the horse. A saddle that's too tight can put pressure on the horse's spine, leading to pain and discomfort.

What Clients Say


Natalie Harrison

"Definitely recommend this business. Alexis provides wonderful care to her patients and is very knowledgeable about the therapy she provides. She really cares about the outcome of the animals progress".
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